Details Master in Textual Heritage & Digital Humanities
Description This Master's Degree is focused on a critical approach to the study of texts from the perspective of several languages (including Latin, Romance languages, Arabic and Hebrew) and from various approaches, ranging from linguistic, historic, bibliographical and literary aspects, always in conjunction with traditional models of research and the framework of Digital Humanities (XML, TEI, MEI, Stylometry...) Innovation in the research and analysis of classic and new textual forms has determined the need to acquire skills in the handling of DH tools in combination with more traditional methods. This Master combines disciplines such as ecdotic, codicology or epigraphy with the use of main Digital Humanities tools and resources. In addition to this, the Master provides access to the Historical Library of the University of Salamanca, and its Historical Archive.
FEES Until 2021, No fees
Erasmus No
Language Spanish
Collaborations/Disciplines No
Joint Master No
Online/Offline/Hybrid Offline