Details Master in Natural Language Processing
ECTS 120
Description Automation is bringing about profound changes in all areas of social and professional life, including science. A core technology that is driving this revolution is Artificial Intelligence and specifically Natural Language Processing (NLP). The degree program Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables students to accompany and shape these changes. It is interdisciplinary and deals with digitally-mediated language in its entire breadth: from written texts to audiovisual and social media. With NLP, the CLDH department offers a modern Master's degree program that provides a specialization in Artificial Intelligence, specifically Machine Learning and Semantic Technologies, methods for the analysis, management and generation of text and media. It is interdisciplinary, by combining studies in linguistics with artificial intelligence and offers a wide range of elective modules like Digital Humanities and Digital Libraries. In addition to central theoretical foundations courses on mathematics, computer science, the program imparts problem-solving and practical competence. The students' ability to reflect on the use of such methods is also promoted.
FEES Until 2021, Up to 1000 EU
Erasmus No
Language German,English
Collaborations/Disciplines No
Joint Master No
Online/Offline/Hybrid Offline