Details Master in Classical Humanities and Digital Humanities
ECTS 120
Description The "Classical Humanities and Digital Humanities" course combines an in-depth study of ancient languages ​​and literatures (Latin & Greek) with that of ancient, medieval and modern cultures: philology, poetics, linguistics, history of the transmission of texts from Antiquity in the Renaissance as well as the relationship between texts and images constitute the main axes. In addition, the Master is the only one in France to articulate initiation to research in philology and Digital Humanities: the student learns to master new techniques of investigation, editing and textual production. It also participates in contemporary reflection on the status of the written word and the digital that new areas of research are opening up. In Master 1, the student deepens his knowledge in the field of Classical Antiquity (Latin and/or Greek language and literature, culture, heritage) and learns about the different methodological aspects of research, in particular by writing a thesis of research. In Master 2, the student continues his learning and writes an original research dissertation: he fully collaborates in the development of contemporary research on Antiquity. The year of M2 is for him the opportunity to take advantage of the methods of analysis taught and to prepare for the various continuations of possible studies (doctorate, competition, etc.).
FEES €335 per year for the standard program, € 595 per year for the remote program (in that case, please note that tests and exams take place twice a year at Nanterre).
Erasmus No
Language French
Collaborations/Disciplines No
Joint Master No
Online/Offline/Hybrid Offline or Full Online