ECTS 120
Description Master's Degree Course has as its fundamental task that of training highly qualified intellectual personnel in the field of research, conservation and valorisation of the archaeological and historical-artistic heritage, capable of being profitably employed in top and coordination roles in the study, in the cataloging and processing of information in the field of cultural heritage management, thanks to a solid specialist preparation ensured by the course of study. The teachings are focused on disciplines related to archeology and art history, understood in the broadest sense as regards techniques and production sectors, from ancient to contemporary times, with wide openings towards the art of Europeans and non-Europeans. The historical-critical and methodological research disciplines constitute the educational basis of the graduate, enabling him, at the end of his studies, to carry out highly specialized research and to intervene autonomously in the scientific and critical debate, and also to operate at a project work at public and private companies and bodies in the management, valorisation and communication of cultural heritage as a whole. The course also aims to provide adequate preparation to access training courses for teaching in high schools, after acquiring the relevant necessary training credits, and to research doctorates and various specialization schools, which constitute a essential step for a managerial career in the Ministry of Culture
FEES No fees
Erasmus No
Language Italian
Collaborations/Disciplines No
Joint Master No
Online/Offline/Hybrid Online