Details Master in Heritage and Museum Studies
Description Heritage is the physical and intangible cultural materials we choose to preserve and value. But heritage is also a matter of heated debate. How do we manage, preserve, and communicate our heritage today? In what ways is the past remembered or forgotten, exploited and renegotiated in the present? What are the differences between tangible and intangible, cultural and natural, physical and digital heritage? Our interdisciplinary MA Heritage and Museum Studies offers specialist, practically-grounded and academic training exploring these questions and more. Our intensive degree emphasises the real-world relevance of debates surrounding cultural patrimony, and the ways in which it is presented and consumed.
FEES Home/UK fee £9,660 International fee £20,700
Erasmus No
Language English
Collaborations/Disciplines Experience working with galleries (e.g. Firstsite Gallery), museums (Royal Academy of Arts, V&A Museums), and heritage facilities and institutions (e.g. CNR Italy, English Heritage, ICCROM, digital heritage companies such as ThinkSee3D, Marconi Archive).
Joint Master No
Online/Offline/Hybrid Offline