Details Master in Digital Humanities and Digital Knowledge
ECTS 120
Description Mainly designed for students holding a three-year degree in humanities, the programme is delivered in English and targets those who wish to explore the field of literary, linguistic, historical and cultural studies and the arts, using models, systems and computational methods to represent and process data, information and knowledge. At the end of the programme students will be able to manage the whole cycle of design and planning of heterogeneous and complex digital cultural objects: from the concept to the theories and methodologies to manipulate them, and their deployment by end users.
FEES ?23,000 first year students and students that meet merit requirements are totally exempted from paying tuition fees
Erasmus No
Language English
Collaborations/Disciplines Computer Science, Literature, Linguistics, History, Culture and Arts in the digital context, Complementary (Management and Organization, Law and Digital Methods, Communication and Social Media).
Joint Master No
Online/Offline/Hybrid Hybrid