Details Master in Digital Humanities
ECTS 120
Description The interdisciplinary programme in Digital humanities is a two year university masters study programme. In its interdisciplinary foundation it is, on one hand, a continuation and specialisation of three year study programmes in the fields of humanities, including the programmes in Slovene studies and Cultural history. On the other hand, it is also intended for the graduated students of computer sciences and information sciences as it focuses the students on the work within the field of digital humanities. Due to differences pertaining to the competences of enrolled students of three year undergraduate study programmes, the proposed programme is laid as a methodological reflection and is project oriented. It aims to upgrade the subject specific competences of undergraduate studies within the context of new information technologies and the changes the latter have produced in society and culture. On the horizontal level, the study programme is related to the masters studies in the fields of humanities and computer and information sciences (within the scope of elective subjects). Within the wider context of modern university educational practice, Digital humanities is still in the process of early recognition, though as a field of research practice its impact on the humanities as a whole has undoubtedly been significant. The programme establishes a balance between the humanities and computer sciences, different as they are at the methodological level. It focuses on the fundamental changes in man’s self-understanding, changes which occur with the use of telecommunications and computer-assisted data processing. To these two disciplinary emphases, a lower percentage of academic contents is added from the fields of visual communications. The interdisciplinary study programme has been developed in cooperation with the School of Humanities, School of Engineering and Management and School of Arts. According to the undergraduate diploma competences of the students the programme is split into two parallel lines. In view of the interdisciplinary nature of the digital humanities domain, the two approaches are closely scrutinized and their points of contact are foregrounded. In the first year some courses are conducted for the two groups separately, later the courses bring all the students togethe
FEES Until 2021, No yet available
Erasmus No
Language Slovene
Collaborations/Disciplines Slovene studies and Cultural history
Joint Master No
Online/Offline/Hybrid Offline