Details Master in Digital Humanities
ECTS 120
Description In the subject of Digital Humanities , texts and other subject areas of human, cultural tradition are digitized, processed and made accessible in terms of content and structure (e.g. through annotation, networking or georeferencing), new answers to the question of the best possible presentation of the content for different user groups depending on the respective Developed materiality and objectivity, worked on the fields of long-term archiving and availability and ultimately also reflected on the effects of digitization and digitality on humanities research and teaching. The focus is on the use and development of digital and IT tools for processing and answering questions in the humanities while utilizing the digital possibilities as much as possible. The digital humanities are at the same time applied science, insofar as specific research questions are answered, and basic science, if digitization and digital methods are theoretically reflected and incorporated into the further development of the subject and its research areas.
FEES No fees
Erasmus No
Language German
Collaborations/Disciplines No
Joint Master No
Online/Offline/Hybrid Offline