Details Master in Digital Humanities
Description In a world of Big Data and total digitization, the humanities cannot remain as they were 100, 50, or even 10 years ago. Linguistics, philology, history, and art criticism are now going through a “digital turn”. Thanks to the development of technologies, new objects of research are appearing in the form of vast text collections, historical databases, digital archives, and online museums. These objects contain a wealth of information about language, culture and society. However, they cannot be adequately studied with the methods traditionally used in the humanities. This “digital turn” requires new research competencies. Our programme trains specialists capable of employing the latest tools when working with digital data, and applying these tools in the humanities. With these skills, such specialists can preserve cultural heritage in digital form.
FEES 200 000 – 400 000 RUB/year
Erasmus No
Language Russian and English
Collaborations/Disciplines No
Joint Master No
Online/Offline/Hybrid Offline