Details Master in Digital Humanities
Description The University Master in Digital Humanities is an official master's degree in research in online mode. The objective of this Master is both to broaden the student's knowledge of the field of digital humanities and to promote the initiation of students to new lines of research related to the field of study. This master is characterized by having an interdisciplinary character since it not only refers to the coexistence between the humanities and the field of technology, but also to the different fields that come into play in the humanities as it can be it literature, linguistics, music, art or history. Likewise, it is characterized by having a multidisciplinary faculty, all the teachers are Doctors or work professionally in the field, so they can provide the student with a real and professional vision of the different scenarios in which the digital humanities. In addition, this Master has a great practical approach in which the student will have? virtual workshops, activities and real cases that will enrich your training and make you a highly qualified professional.
FEES Until 2021, No fees
Erasmus No
Language Spanish
Collaborations/Disciplines No
Joint Master No
Online/Offline/Hybrid Online