Details Master in Digital and Printed edition of Literary Texts
ECTS 120
Description The Master in Letters, digital and printed edition of literary texts, helps you? become a "publisher" in the scientific sense of the term: that is, the person who chooses, presents, explains and comments on a text as part of a print or digital edition. This training allows you to combine sensitivity? and literary knowledge? mastery of technical tools in automatic language processing. Unique in the regional panorama, the digital and printed edition of literary texts responds to the multiple possibilities offered by new technologies and new information media in terms of Critical publishing, promotion of literary heritage, and online publication, on e-readers or tablets: so many fundamental elements in the field of digital humanities, an emerging sector, both scientific as well as professional point of view. You benefit from multidisciplinary training in literature and editorial computer science which can open up real work opportunities for you in publishing or research.
FEES Until 2021, No fees
Erasmus No
Language French
Collaborations/Disciplines No
Joint Master No
Online/Offline/Hybrid Offline