Details Master in Witches and Thieves: Deviance in the Early Modern Era
Description In cooperation with the State Archives of the Canton of Bern, the path from handwriting to digitally processed text will be traced in the event and the "data" obtained will be analyzed on this basis.?All work steps are discussed and classified theoretically as well as implemented in practice.?Working with originals in the archive is just as much a part of this as working with digitized documents.?We practice the entire workflow of digitizing, processing and evaluating the source corpus. The event focuses on the one hand on the files of the choir court (church jurisdiction), on the other hand on tower books from old bailiffs, which can be combined with the tower books already available from the cage tower. When working on the source corpus, the students are closely monitored by lecturers,?Tutors and accompanied by experts from the archive.
FEES No fees
Erasmus No
Language German
Collaborations/Disciplines State Archives of the Canton of Bern
Joint Master No
Online/Offline/Hybrid Offline