Details Master in Digital Technologies in Heritage Conservation
ECTS 120
Description The Master's programme in Digital Technologies in Heritage Conservation offers research and application-oriented teaching. You can choose the modules flexibly, i.e. set your own specialist focal points. The degree programme enables you to understand current surveying, engineering, heritage science and information technology approaches and concepts. Among other things, you will evaluate processes of technical building and damage recording as well as building condition analysis and then develop solutions. In doing so, you will learn (3D) recording, archiving, analysis, monitoring, simulation, planning and communication procedures in the field of heritage conservation and protection. You carry out application-oriented projects in practice, for which you use current technologies. The interdisciplinary degree programme aims at digital transformation in heritage conservation and cultural heritage protection. It qualifies you to take on highly technical tasks in heritage conservation, architecture, engineering, in the museum and archive sector as well as in research at home and abroad.
FEES The semester fee varies marginally; in WS2023 it is 113 euros for Bamberg University (See current amount here: In addition, students enrol at Coburg University of Applied Sciences as secondary students, currently 61.55 euros, so they can commute free of charge between Bamberg and Coburg (See current amount here:
Erasmus Currently with Warsaw University of Technology (Poland) and University of Catania (Italy)
Language German (B2 Level)
Collaborations/Disciplines A wide range of collaborations and networks enable application-oriented profiling and final theses on "real" problems and support career entry. We cooperate with a number of institutions or organisations, e.g. EURAC Research, Bolzano or Fraunhofer Institute.
Joint Master This is a joint master’s Programme with Coburg University of Applied Sciences
Online/Offline/Hybrid Offline