Details Master in Digital Culture and Communication
Description Explore the ways in which technologies are transforming the human experience. Investigate how digital content and theories are used in culture and heritage, and how digital projects are managed. You'll also have an opportunity to acquire practical training in digital methods and learn how digital products are created. It will help you better understand the cultural contexts of digital media developments through historical, critical and theoretical perspectives. Digital culture is about the emergence and use of digital content, networks and technologies - for example, social media, algorithms, online groups, digital images and sounds - and their interactive relationship with the ways culture is created, consumed and altered. The very nature of digital culture means users don’t just receive it, they interact with it and are influenced by it. For example: Whose voices are present or absent online and how that relates to inequality How personal and group identities are expressed in the digital world and how this affects identity The degree that digital objects emerge from our culture and cause changes to it You’ll also learn how digital content is used to represent human culture and society in the past and present, such as ancient documents, artefacts and environments as well as present-day social media, digital arts and virtual worlds. You don't need a background in information science, computer programming or have mathematical competencies. It's far more important for applicants to have an interest in culture and society.
FEES Home (2023 annual fee) : £9,850 Overseas (2023 annual fee) : £21,400 Scholarships available for home students
Erasmus No
Language English
Collaborations/Disciplines No
Joint Master No
Online/Offline/Hybrid Offline